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10 julho, 2022

Taurus launches the world's first graphene weapon and marks the beginning of the 3rd generation of pistols

*LRCA Defense Consulting - 09/07/2022 (Portuguese version:

Committed to excellence and to developing products with the most advanced technological solutions, Taurus, a Strategic Defense Company and the largest seller of light weapons in the world, announces the GX4 Graphene pistol, which arrives to revolutionize the market and highlights Brazil as a pioneer in this innovation.

According to Salesio Nuhs, Taurus' Global CEO, the launching marks the beginning of a new generation of pistols. “The GX4 Graphene is the first gun in the world with graphene in the composition of its injected components and on the surface treatment of metal parts. This revolutionary and disruptive technology, developed by Taurus, is a milestone in history, especially as it is the beginning of the 3rd generation of pistols. In the beginning, pistols were produced in the metallic version (1st generation) and, since the 80s, in polymer (2nd generation). Producing with graphene is a major technological advance for the global arms industry and for our country,” says Nuhs.

The GX4 Graphene has components injected with graphene and exclusive coating in Cerakote® Graphene, exclusive technology of TAURUS®, which brings much more resistance and durability to the pistol. Among the benefits, graphene provides the product with less wear, greater corrosion protection, faster heat dissipation (necessary due to ammunition firing), better hydrophobicity and anti-fingerprint property that reduces handling impressions.

The differentials of the Taurus GX4 pistol, launched in 2021, a bestseller in Brazil and the United States, and which marked the company's entry into the microcompact weapons segment, remain in the Graphene model, such as the Striker Fire firing system, the finished bolt gas nitriding and barrel coated with a very thin layer of DLC (Diamond Like Carbon). It comes with a holster, two magazines with a capacity of 11 ammunition, a 13-shot magazine, additional backstrap for better grip adjustment, a functional key chain that can be used to dismantle the weapon and an exclusive transport case also produced with graphene.

In addition, the GX4 series pistols are the only ones in the microcompact segment to offer a variable-length grip. Provided with 2 interchangeable backstraps in different sizes, the user has the possibility to adjust the best grip to their hand size, easily and practically. The GX4 Graphene also has the innovative TORO system - Taurus Optic Ready Option, which allows the assembly of optical sights directly from the factory, without modifications.

The launch of the GX4 Graphene is just the beginning of a series of important innovations that are being worked on by the Integrated Center for Technology and Engineering Brazil – United States (CITE) at Taurus. Since 2021, Taurus has been studying and testing the addition of graphene in products and production processes together with UCSGRAPHENE, an industrial graphene production plant at the University of Caxias do Sul. The application of the material is an advanced technology that gives the product unique properties.

“The development of applications of graphene in weapons is a very relevant and innovative fact for the world market for handguns. Graphene is the future for countless areas, including the weapons industry. In addition to having added value, it develops new technologies in the country and opens the door to the research and manufacture of much more modern products. And Brazil has an advantage as it has the world's largest reserves of graphene in its territory. It is a competitive advantage not only for Taurus”, says Salesio Nuhs, Global CEO of Taurus.

Graphene, the carbon-based material that is revolutionizing the global industry, is considered the strongest, lightest and thinnest material that exists. As a disruptive technology, it tends to compete with existing technologies and replace materials with decades of use. Its applications allow the development of products with high mechanical strength, data transmission capacity and energy savings. As a highly engineered material, graphene is one of the main resources in nanotechnology today, being used, for example, in the production of LCD screens and displays, touchscreens, electronic components with very high storage and data processing capacity, instant recharge batteries, among others.

World leader in the manufacture of revolvers, the largest seller of light weapons in the world, one of the largest producers of pistols, in addition to being the most imported brand in the demanding and competitive US market, Taurus is always focused on trends and opportunities, through of information from the areas dedicated to market intelligence, and always seeking to be ahead in the segments in which it operates. With each product launch, the company has been surpassing its sales and making great strides following its well-structured strategic plan, involving innovation, product quality and robust production processes. The Taurus GX4 Graphene is part of the G-series line, which includes one of the best-selling weapons in the US – the world's largest market in the sector –, the Taurus G2c.

The new product will be sold in Taurus retail stores and sales portal, aimed at military, police, CACs and civilians who belong to categories authorized to purchase these products, according to current legislation, with immediate delivery, after receiving the necessary authorization documentation.

For technical information about the GX4 Graphene and the complete line of Taurus products, access

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