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17 abril, 2023

Taurus launches an unprecedented line of suppressors (silencers) made in Brazil

Taurus rifle with suppressor on display at LAAD

*LRCA Defense Consulting - 17/04/2023 (Portuguese version:

Taurus Armas S.A., the world's largest seller of light firearms, has entered a new business segment: the production of noise suppressors (silencers), which are being manufactured at the company's headquarters in São Leopoldo, Brazil, becoming the only national company to produce this equipment.

At LAAD Defence & Security 2023, which is taking place at Riocentro in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Taurus is strategically presenting the first versions of its high-performance, multi-caliber suppressor line for the national and international markets, aimed at improving the performance of tactical and special operations professionals.

Lightweight, versatile, and of high quality, Taurus suppressors are the first in the world to be produced with a single core in Titanium, with an exclusive Cerakote® Graphene coating, and have innovative ring systems. In addition, they reduce the noise of shots by up to 25dB, ensure stability in firearms with less recoil, and allow for quick attachment.

All Taurus suppressors exceed international standards by 15%, giving the company a competitive advantage.

The launch of a line of noise suppressors is an important strategic step for Taurus, as it will not only better equip the weapons it produces but will also enter the global suppressor market, currently estimated at USD 400 million per year, according to a source from the American Suppressor Association, and which has strong growth potential, given that the growing global demand for equipment has given a huge boost to the global market for the product. The market is expected to continue to rise at a high compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and reach significantly more expressive values over the next five years.

With the equipment, the Brazilian manufacturer will be able to offer a complete solution to its customers. This factor, in addition to benefiting sports shooters and hunters, is particularly important in international tenders, where Taurus will present itself as the manufacturer of the firearm, magazines, and noise suppressor.

Through a robust intelligence team, Taurus continuously works to identify trends and seize market opportunities, possessing the necessary operational flexibility to adapt to changes and segment needs. As a result, the company is achieving even more growth in the USA, Brazil, and worldwide.

Taurus rifle with suppressor on display at LAAD

Taurus TS9 Graphene pistol with suppressor on display at LAAD

Taurus Suppressors
Taurus suppressors include the ST M183, which has specific use for 9mm calibers, the ability to be used with pistols and rifles, and a black anodized paint finish. It has a ring system and direct thread mounting, which facilitates handling, conservation, and cleaning of the equipment.

ST M183

The ST M177 is a multi-caliber high-performance option for special tactical operations. It can be used in calibers 5.56, 7.62, or 9mm, reducing the noise of shots by up to 25 dB, and has a direct thread connection system. Produced in Titanium with an exclusive Cerakote Graphene finish in black or other colors (upon request).

ST M177

The Taurus ST M210 Suppressor features an exclusive Cerakote Graphene finish, in black and other colors (upon request), and reduces shot noise by up to 25dB. It can be used with 7.62mm, .308, or .30-06 calibers and weighs only 360 grams. The ST M210 is made of a single body of titanium and has a fixed thread mount and direct thread mount with a ring system.

ST M210

The ST 22 is the smallest and lightest release in the line, weighing only 125g. It is another option for use in specific caliber, and has direct thread mounting. The reduction of shot noise can reach up to 25 dB, which guarantees its performance, especially in special tactical operations.

ST 22

Noise Reduction
Taurus suppressors reduce the blast of shots by up to 25dB. It may not seem like much, as it represents a reduction from 150dB/160dB to around 125dB/135dB. However, this sound measurement scale is logarithmic, which means a significant reduction in the potential harm of noise. Basically, it's a difference similar to what is provided by a good ear muff.

It is important to emphasize that, depending on the caliber (and ammunition), the sound of the shot, even with a suppressor and subsonic ammunition, is quite pronounced and would not be difficult to distinguish in a normal environment.

Advantages and applications
Contrary to what action movies suggest, the main advantage of using suppressors is to bring the noise of the shot to a level that is less harmful to the shooter's ears, especially in countless training situations. Ears are sensitive to loud noises and are injured with each shot, hence the importance of using ear muffs when using a firearm whenever possible.

When the suppressor is used in conjunction with ear muffs, the chances of causing a more serious ear injury are drastically reduced. Professional shooters can lose up to 50% of their hearing after years of competition, and the use of suppressors in conjunction with ear muffs could significantly reduce this type of damage.

In addition to reducing the intensity of the noise, the supressor is also useful in other important functions, such as practically suppressing the flash at the moment of firing and reducing the recoil of the firearm.

The combination of these advantages makes the equipment indispensable for some tactical actions, such as the operation of military or security special forces, for example, where it is not desirable for the shooter to be easily identified by the noise of the shot or the flash of the firearm. It is also useful in some sports hunting situations, when there is no desire to scare the hunted animals or other animals with a loud noise.

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