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09 abril, 2023

Taurus will launch the GX4 Graphene pistol in the USA and the TS9 and TS9c Graphene in Brazil

*LRCA Defense Consulting - April 9th, 2023 (Portuguese version:

Soon, Taurus Armas S.A. will also be launching in the US the GX4 Graphene pistol, the world's first weapon to use graphene, hoping to repeat and even expand the success that the GX4 pistol had in May 2021, in Brazil and the United States, simultaneously.

In July 2022, the launch of the innovative Taurus GX4 Graphene pistol in Brazil was another great success. In most stores, the model had already sold out of available stocks in just two days.

In addition to the unprecedented technological innovation provided by graphene, Taurus' expectations are justified by the quantity and quality of awards the pistol has already won in the US in just two years.

In 2021, it won two important sector awards: Best New Gun of 2021 and Best New Overall Product at the 5th NASGW-POMA Caliber Awards (Quality/Excellence Awards).

Last year, the Taurus GX4 pistol platform won the coveted 2022 Handgun of the Year award from the American magazine GUNS & AMMO.

Also in 2022, Taurus stood out at the fifth annual Ballistic's Best Guns Of The Year Awards, with the Taurus GX4 family of pistols winning the Best Value Handgun award from Ballistic magazine in the United States. The editors' choice for the award was for the gun that offers the best ratio of user-provided resources to price (best cost-benefit), and the GX4 platform was the logical selection based on these criteria.

In an evaluation by Rob Reaser - author and co-author of several books on firearms and also editor-in-chief of Shoot On - the respected expert declared that the GX4 is the most accurate micro-pistol that Shoot On has tested, and that the GX4 in the T.O.R.O version maintains the high performance of its standard version.

GX4 Graphene: Brazilian technology for the world
The Taurus GX4 Graphene is the world's first firearm with graphene in the composition of its injected components and in the surface treatment of its metal parts, and will arrive to revolutionize the American market and highlight Brazil as a pioneer in this innovation. The novelty marks the beginning of the 3rd generation of pistols in the United States, which were previously produced in the metallic version (1st generation) and, from the 80s, in polymer (2nd generation).

The new GX4 Graphene pistol is another great strategy from Taurus that combines innovation and technology. Graphene is considered the molecule of the future for numerous areas, including the firearms industry. Brazil has the world's largest reserve. By making this launch, Taurus will not only introduce the 3rd generation of pistols in the US, but will also bring Brazilian technology to the world.

The GX4 Graphene pistol has injected components with graphene and an exclusive Cerakote® Graphene coating, Taurus' exclusive technology, which brings much more resistance and durability to the weapon. Among the benefits, graphene provides the product with less wear, greater protection against corrosion, faster heat dissipation (necessary due to the firing of ammunition), better hydrophobicity and anti-fingerprint property, which reduces handling impressions.

The differentials of the Taurus GX4 pistol remain in the Graphene model, such as the Striker Fire firing system, the bolt with gas nitriding finish, and a barrel coated with a very thin layer of DLC (Diamond Like Carbon). It comes with a holster, two 11-round capacity magazines, one 13-shot magazine, additional backstrap for better grip adjustment, a functional keychain that can be used to disassemble the gun, and an exclusive transport case also produced with graphene.

In addition, the GX4 series pistols are the only microcompact segment guns to offer variable size grips. Provided with 2 interchangeable backstraps in different sizes, the user has the possibility to adjust the best grip to their hand size, easily and practically. The GX4 Graphene also features the innovative T.O.R.O - Taurus Optic Ready Option system, which allows for the mounting of factory direct optical sights without modifications.

TS9 Graphene and TS9c Graphene

The revolutionary material is now also used in the TS9 Graphene and TS9c Graphene pistols, which will be launched in Brazil in April, along with several other innovative products, on the occasion of LAAD Defence & Security 2023 - International Defense and Security Fair, the largest defense fair in Latin America.

3rd generation of pistols
"The application of graphene is a revolutionary and extremely disruptive technology that provides unique properties to the product and allows, when combined with other materials (ceramics, polymers, and metals, for example), to lend its properties to these materials, adding a lot of value to the product. We understand graphene is the molecule of the future and immediately started researching its use in the development of new Taurus products in partnership with the University of Caxias do Sul. Technology and innovation are part of our daily routine at Taurus, especially at our Integrated Technology and Engineering Center Brazil - United States (CITE). And this partnership means commitment to innovation, development, and progress for our country. The introduction of graphene in the GX4 is a milestone in the firearms segment worldwide. This is one of the biggest launches in the history of firearms and the beginning of the 3rd generation of pistols," said Salesio Nuhs, Taurus Global CEO at the launch in Brazil.

Other cutting-edge technologies: niobium, DLC, and long-fiber polymer
Taurus is conducting advanced studies for the use of niobium nanoparticles in metal parts (MIM). Additionally, this firearm also features DLC technology (a material that gives steel the strength of diamond - diamond-like carbon) and will soon also feature long-fiber polymer.

The company negotiated a groundbreaking contract for the nationalization of DLC application technology, which was already being used in the barrel of the micro-compact GX4 pistol line at the Taurus USA factory, and the first 1,000 Brazilian barrels are already being produced at the Supplier Condominium, where the new factory will be located. DLC consists of a thin carbon film with physical-chemical characteristics similar to diamond. It is applied to metal surfaces to ensure new properties such as extremely high resistance to friction and corrosion.

Furthermore, an unprecedented technology transfer partnership is also being set up with an American company to develop long-fiber polymers, a material that provides greater strength and robustness to the product while reducing the final cost. Taurus engineers are already developing a prototype in Brazil for use in tactical weapon magazines.

In summary, these technologies aim to provide greater resistance, robustness, lightness, and durability to the firearm, making it also practically immune to "metal cancer" (corrosion), qualities that are highly valued by American police and military markets and that, according to the company, may constitute an unbeatable differential in the US and worldwide.

Taurus GX4 T.O.R.O.

Law Enforcement: new markets are coming
Soon, Taurus may announce a partnership, joint venture, or operational management with an American company that already has a tradition in Law Enforcement. The goal is to facilitate and accelerate entry into this huge market, both in the US and around the world.

It is quite likely that this entry will be mainly through the GX4 pistol family, which may also include the TS9 and TS9c, all with the addition of graphene and possibly other cutting-edge technologies such as niobium, DLC (already present in the GX4 barrel), and long-fiber polymer. By the way, in mid-year, Taurus will launch the first firearm with all these new technologies.

The entry of Taurus' firearms into the Law Enforcement market will allow it to also be a premium option for civilian consumers looking to use police-grade weapons, which represents another entirely new market for the company.

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